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Institute Ecology & Bioethics UKSW

The Church towards Ecological Crisis (Warsaw – UKSW, 16.05.2019)

12th Conference in “Humanistic Ecology” Series: “The Church towards Ecological Crisis.On the 30th Anniversary of Polish Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Environmental Protection” (Warsaw –  UKSW,  16.05.2019).

Organized by the Institute for Ecology and Bioethics of UKSW in 2019, the 12th conference in the series: “Humanistic Ecology” is devoted to the issue expressed in the title “Church towards the Ecological Crisis”: On the 30th Anniversary of Polish Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Environmental Protection”. The co-organizer of the conference is the Ecological Movement of Saint Francis of Assisi.

The aim of the conference is to show the Church’s commitment to recognize and overcome the environmental crisis. It refers to the 30th anniversary of the publication of the Pastoral Letter on Environment Protection by the Polish Bishops’ Conference (2.05.1989). The special focus is on the presentation of ecological initiatives of the Catholic Church in Poland, undertaken by the official representatives of the Church, as well as by Catholic movements and organizations.

In addition, the conference is to be a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences with Catholics from other countries, who have zealously responded to the appeal of Pope Francis for the concern for the Earth – our common home, expressed in the encyclical  Laudato si’. The organizers hope that the conference will be an inspiration for a greater commitment to the protection of the natural environment.


9.30 – Opening of the conference and speeches of honorary guests
10.00-10.30 Mons. Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam, The role of people of good will on the ecological issue in the statements of Pope Francis
10.30-10.50 Fr Stanisław Jaromi, Dialogical and mediating potential of integral ecology
10.50-11.10 Fr Ryszard Sadowski, The role of religious argumentation in shaping the pro-ecological attitudes of Christians in Poland
11.10-11.30 Discussion
11.30-12.00 Coffee break
12.30-13.00 Abp Wiktor Skworc, Ecological initiatives of the Church in Silesia
13.00-13.20 Tomas Insua, Ecological initiatives of the of the Global Catholic Climate Movement 
13.20-13.40 Weronika and Elgars Felcis, Church’s response to the ecological crisis in a small country – is climate neutral diocese possible? Challenges and opportunities in Riga diocese
13.40-13.55 Emilia Ślimko, School of leaders of integral ecology and other initiatives of the Ecological Movement of St. Francis of Assisi (REFA)
13.55-14.10 Fr Andrzej Lubowicki, Ecological initiatives of the Catholic Youth Association
14.10-14.25 NFOŚ, Raising funds from NFOŚ by religious entities for pro-environmental activities
14.25-15.10 Panel with the participation of all the speakers on the synergy effect of Polish Church’s ecological initiatives

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